Tahnee Swanton, Certified Coach

Tahnee Swanton, Transition Coach.png

I specialize in helping you navigate all sorts of changes that are happening in your life, as well as to facilitate you in envisioning and creating the changes you want in your life. Underneath your transitions is an undercurrent of self discovery, lessons and healing that can bring you more aligned with your heart and soul in a way that creates a life of meaning, purpose and belonging. I have a passion for supporting people in discovering their innate gifts and bringing those gifts to the world.

Are you ready for a career change but not sure how to proceed? Are you going through a life change such as relocation, divorce, starting a family, grieving the loss of a loved one, or reinventing your life after your kids have left home? Do you want to create more work-life balance? Would you like to experience self care that allows you to give from a place of being full instead of empty and overwhelmed? Do you desire to strengthen your ability to have healthy boundaries so that you can say yes only to the things that you can give yourself to wholeheartedly and without resentment? Would you like to deepen your experience of being more authentic and vulnerable? Do you want more passion, creativity, connection and meaning in your life?

We work together to align your heart's deepest joys and desires with your mind that has been cleared of limiting beliefs and fears. We will clarify your vision, meaning and purpose, remove internal and external obstacles, brainstorm new possibilities, strategize an action plan, and focus your inspiration driven momentum along a path to bring your gifts into the world.

To learn more about individual and group coaching with Tahnee and to schedule online visit www.momentum-coaching.net.