Simon Sharkey, LAc
Wild Roots Acupuncture
OR Lic #AC185992

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My goal is to use acupuncture, as well as the knowledge I have attained through my studies and practice, to educate my clients on their own individual and unique dispositions and pictures of health. No two people are alike and they should not be viewed with the same approach, as they did not arrive at their current destination using the same path. I want to use what I have learned to help people understand their ideal journey to health and what works best for their distinct presentation in order to attain their goals.

My interest in alternative medicine peaked at a young age; my mother told stories of how acupuncture brought her my two sisters, my brother and me — twins twice. I grew up with a strong connection to the natural world, and herbal medicines were a staple in my home.

I veered away from traditional and herbal medicines for a time, focusing my undergraduate studies on prerequisites in Western health sciences, but quickly realized my path would be one that focused on working with modes that support people reaching their highest potential. I wanted a medicine that empowers people to take the reigns and have control of their own health, rather than relying on invasive procedures and synthetic prescriptions. I found what I was looking for in acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

In 2017, I earned my Master's of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (MAcOM) at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, and was licensed in acupuncture by the Oregon Medical Board and NCCAOM. Through the course of my 4-year program, I spent time studying various modalities of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, gua sha, shiatsu massage, and manual cupping therapy, as well as nutrition and lifestyle training. I believe strongly in living in harmony with nature, and focus my treatments on strengthening the body's innate ability to find balance and to heal. With these various techniques, I have been successful in helping people work through extreme anxiety, stress, body pain, chronic headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, menstrual disorders, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, symptoms of chronic disease, and to help offset the negative effects of prescription drugs and allopathic treatments.

I believe that a genuine connection between the patient and practitioner is necessary in health-care for people to meet their goals of health and wellness. As health-care practitioners it is imperative that we start seeing the bigger picture and look at clients as a sum of all parts rather than just a presentation of pain, disease, or illness.