Petra Caruso, ND

Petra Caruso ND.jpg

Dr. Petra Caruso, licensed naturopathic physician, is dedicated to helping patients discover the underlying cause of their symptoms and providing assistance in removing obstacles to cure. This allows the body to regain balance, necessary for deep healing to occur. She has a deep, core belief that health is achievable for all of us. With the proper guidance and dedication, everyone can live in balance and enjoy the many benefits of better health and energy.

Dr. Caruso is a 2006 graduate of National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She opened Woodstock Natural Health Clinic in 2007 and soon built a thriving and busy practice. She sold the practice to two physicians in 2015 and took a 7-month sabbatical during which time she completed a certificate in Trauma-Informed Counseling Services through Portland State University’s Graduate School of Counseling. She now enjoys being a part of two wellness communities. Her current practice focuses on creating individual wellness plans and treatment protocols for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. She utilizes labs, imaging, nutritional and hormonal analyses, as well as craniosacral work and flower essence therapy to help patients achieve optimal balance and wellness.

In her spare time Dr. Caruso enjoys dance and yoga classes, meditation, travel, reading and writing. She prioritizes spending time in the healing power of Nature with her cattle dog Stella, a graduate of the Oregon Humane Society’s Therapy Pet Program.