Joel Janson, LMT

OR Lic #18502

Joel Janson LMT.jpg

I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Shiatsu forms of massage. My practice focuses on the intersection of mind and body. Studies have shown that the hormones produced by chronic stress can damage the cells in our bodies.  This can create a negative cycle: If the physical damage from stress leads to injury or illness then these worsening physical symptoms may lead to more stress, and the pattern repeats. My goal is to slow and stop this cycle of pain and stress. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, muscle tension, injuries, or chronic pain I am here to intervene. I understand that being given even a small amount of relief from any kind of pain can be priceless moments where we glimpse our potential.

My life has been a balance of expanding out into the world and then grounding back into the foundations. Healing touch and connecting deeply with the body has always been the cornerstone of that grounding process. I grew up in a family where massage was a key to finding psychological peace and self-understanding. The practice came to me naturally at a young age but I didn’t know it was my path until my early 20s. Taking a break from University to attend Oregon School of Massage was one of the best decisions I ever made. I found myself suddenly fulfilled by the skills I was building and the trail I was walking. I delved deeply into both Swedish massage and Chinese Medicine-based Shiatsu. After getting my license in 2012, I attended Portland State University to finish my degree in Spanish language and social sciences more generally. Although I loved massage, I had big dreams of world travel that needed to be fulfilled. I decided to postpone my career and bought a one way ticket to Mexico that propelled me on a journey that has been the most interesting 5 years of my life so far. After visiting over 20 different countries and meeting countless fascinating people from many different cultures I have grounded myself once again here in my beautiful hometown of Portland, Oregon. Once again my massage practice has taken root and will always continue to grow.

If you are seeking relief from pain or looking to expand your journey to self-understanding I can help facilitate that process with healing touch. Our bodies are wonderful and miraculous in all of their forms. Movement and consciousness are human gifts we all possess. Give your body and mind a gift in return with a massage.