Jennifer Bode, LMT

OR Lic #7255

Jennifer Bode, LMT.jpg

Specialties: Medical Massage / Rehabilitative Bodywork for Acute & Chronic Injuries / Headaches / Integrative Deep Tissue / Craniosacral Therapy

Jen has had a love of science and a fascination for learning how things work from a very young age. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, she considered attending medical school but found herself on another path after moving to Portland in 1997. Here she explored different options in the field of alternative medicine and decided to attend East West College of the Healing Arts, where she primarily studied deep tissue, myofascial release and other therapeutic techniques, receiving her massage degree in 1999.

Jen's massage career began in a busy chiropractic clinic offering her the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of how to assess and treat injuries, especially those resulting from motor vehicle accidents. By focusing on injury specific areas of the body, she became proficient in detail oriented bodywork. She also began to notice situations where deep tissue work was not tolerated well by acutely injured clients and sometimes exacerbated the pain. This led her to study and explore more subtle modalities of bodywork such as craniosacral therapy and gentle myofascial release. These subtle yet powerful techniques showed her how lighter touch can at times have a bigger healing impact by working with the nervous system and helping to allow for deeper therapeutic healing.

Jen believes touch is a potent skill that facilitates powerful results both physically and emotionally. By addressing physical discomfort, a practitioner can facilitate a deeper connection to the body. This connection, she believes, is something we all seek within ourselves and it is capable of fostering healing on emotional, physical and spiritual levels. Her passion for bodywork is rooted in both complimentary medicine and a study of science. And after 20 years, Jen’s practice is best described as integrative. She works intuitively while informed by her expertise in anatomy and physiology to assist the body’s innate healing potential. She utilizes deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and craniosacral therapy to provide her clients with the most beneficial bodywork needed in the moment. She loves to discover and address imbalances in a client’s body that may be contributing to acute or chronic pain.

Jen is motivated by results and “loves focused, injury specific work because it helps people feel immediate relief. When they are embodied, healing is possible.” She is excited to offer the community quality wellness care and help others achieve their wellness goals.