Cheryl GreatHouse, LMT, LPC-Intern

OR Lic #11951

Cheryl head shot.jpg

Specialties: Integrated Deep Tissue Massage / Medical Massage / Trauma Informed bodywork / Talk therapy

Cheryl’s heart-centered dedication to wellness has motivated her work for two decades. She began her massage practice in 1991 and for the following 7 years continued to deepen her knowledge of the body and expanded her capacity to help others heal. Through experience as a First Responder and Emergency Medical Technician, Cheryl learned how to assist others in moments of crisis. As a Labor and Delivery Doula she balanced her medical knowledge with compassionate and nurturing support. In 2003, Cheryl graduated with a B.S. degree in Exercise Science which gave her a better understanding of the mechanical functions of the body.  With these three aspects Cheryl began to develop a well-rounded integrative approach to her practice.  

Cheryl began volunteering with the Returning Veterans Project in 2009. As a veteran herself, she has an intimate understanding of the struggles of reintegrating into society and healing from the strain of combat. Through this project, Cheryl gained specialized training for providing massage to those suffering from PTSD. Cheryl has come to believe that "nothing rehumanizes a person more than touch". 

As the stories of these men and women unfolded, Cheryl was moved to seek further training to facilitate healing and nurturing support through counseling. In 2016 Cheryl graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health. She is currently a registered LPC intern building a counseling practice that offers a client centered, humanistic, and strength based framework in which her clients can process acute grief, trauma, anxiety and depression.  Cheryl believes that through holding empathic and nonjudgemental space people can find a safe way back to themselves and regain their personal power.

Cheryl’s commitment to helping others find the level of wellness they deserve has been a guiding motivation leading her to develop a unique expertise. In her role as a massage therapist Cheryl has cultivated a body work 'tool box' that includes a wide variety of techniques allowing her to create a personalized session focused on the needs of her clients. 

As a counselor, Cheryl is able to deepen her work by attending to the spirit as well. Cheryl offers mindfulness and a grounded presence to help individuals feel a sense of being held in a safe space while on their healing journey. “With gentle guidance, the process of emotional release can provide clients with an embodied transformation of healing and integrate mind, body and spirit on the deepest levels”.

Cheryl is looking forward to serving the community in reaching their wellness goals.