The Power of Intention Setting!

When Jen and Cheryl started Alchemy Wellness, they shared a vision to begin a small, community oriented wellness center where people could feel like more than just a ‘client’. Their vision was threefold: to provide quality holistic care, to give back to their community by sponsoring non-profits that inspire them, and to eventually mentor new massage therapists entering the field to help them build a successful career such as Jen and Cheryl have created for themselves.  

At the 6 month anniversary of Alchemy Wellness, Jen and Cheryl are feeling inspired and quite far along on their mission. With all of the great support and feedback people have given on the new location, it appears those who visit are loving the new space and enjoying the same quality bodywork they expect. They now have two acupuncturists and a certified coach joining the team, and, beginning in January, they will begin highlighting their first non-profit: Friends of the Columbia Gorge! To learn more about this amazing organization, click here.

Now that 2018 has begun, what are your visions for our next trip around the sun? The process of envisioning a future you desire begins the ball rolling for achieving your goals and laying out the path to your preferred outcome!  Let’s achieve amazing things together!

With much love and gratitude,

Team Alchemy Wellness