Ann Tesora, LMT

Ann Tesora Bio Pic.jpeg

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology in 2004 which has informed my approach to life and my work with clients. Over the years I found myself drawn toward finding ways to support people in their healing from a whole body perspective. This lead me to pursue a 3 year apprenticeship program at the The Wellspring School for the Healing Arts in Amma Therapy, an eastern healing modality based in the principles of Chinese medicine.  My approach includes eastern and western bodywork techniques, energetic nutritional remedies, breath work and meditation. 

I believe the root of healing our world lies in the work of healing ourselves. Caring for ourselves invites a deep sense of nourishment that carries into the world a relaxed, calm energy to nourish those around us. My passion is to help people move toward more relaxed, fluid and pain free experiences in their bodies and minds - finding in a more natural, balanced state of being. My vision is to radically change the ways we engage with ourselves, each other and our environments by opening paths to freedom and wellness for each of my clients.